Bangers refer to an English or Irish pork sausage. The sausage is mildly seasoned so it goes great with any accompaniment. Traditionally you hear Bangers and Mash served, Which refers to the sausage, mashed potatoes, English peas and a simple gravy. Here is a version that will elevate the sausage to a new height.


  1. 4 – 4ounce brats, bangers, German pork sausage or even Mild Italian Sausages
  2. 1 bottle or can of Guiness Stout or similar dark beer
  3. 2 large onions julien cut
  4. 2 table spoons butter or oil to brown the sausages
  5. 1 cup chicken or beef broth


  1. Grill the raw sausages either on the barbeque in a skillet till nicely browned, this may take 10 minutes. Remove from pan. Or in a separate pan
  2. Add butter and onions to pan over medium low heat and lightly brown the onions.
  3. once onions are browned add the beer and bring to a light simmer and add back the sausages.
  4. allow the sauce to reduce by half and taste. You may want to add the broth at this point if the sauce is too thick or you are not ready to serve. The onions will have broken down and thickened the sauce nicely.
  5. Enjoy with your mashed potatoes and peas or on your favorite hoagie bun.